Picturing Piketty


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Jameson on time, singularity, derivatives, postmodern gastronomy and the ubiquity of curators

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Care of William Bunge’s Fitzgerald: Geography of a Revolution.

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Advertising (m-l)

To fund his work with Gorin in the Dziga Vertov group, Godard produced this advert for the razor firm Schick. Apparently, the mise-en-scène – a couple in their ratty underwear waking up to an argument over a radio blaring news about Palestine, only to be reconciled by aftershave – didn’t do it for a public yet inured to irony, and, at least according to the art dealer who commissioned the advert, lost the company money at each appearance on TV. (The agency Dupuy & Compton was later incorporated into Saatchi & Saatchi.)

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Worker Leaving the Factory

To mark the loss of a Kulturarbeiter like few others. Harun Farocki has died at 70.

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Liberation logistics


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Visible Means of Support

Chanced upon this brief interview with Kerry James Marshall about his mural work on the political economy of slavery and its invisibility after discovering his work at a very good  exhibition at the Reina Sofia in Madrid. The two pieces below were among some of the works on display. (The background display is taken from one of the best pieces in the show, Theoretical Video.)


Black Light

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