“The Gamming”


A brilliant research blog by Laleh Khalili on ships, containers, logistics and sundry forgotten spaces real, symbolic and imaginary – voracious generosity and militant insight amply and characteristically on show, alongside countless gems from Conrad, Jahnn, Izzo, Traven and other chroniclers of maritime struggle.

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Metaphysics, Metamorphosis, Monetisation: The Power of False Revolutions

[a talk delivered at the conference Sophistry: The Powers of the False organised by the superlative Nathan Brown and Petar Milat at MaMa in Zagreb]

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An English Landscape


An installation by Trevor Paglen, currently on show at Gloucester Road tube station. See also his recent talk ‘Six Landscapes’ (we discuss Trevor’s work at some length in Cartographies).

“Although the organizing logic of our nation’s surveillance apparatus is invisibility and secrecy, its operations occupy the physical world. Digital surveillance programs require concrete data centers; intelligence agencies are based in real buildings; surveillance systems ultimately consist of technologies, people, and the vast network of material resources that supports them.”


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Abstract and Abolish


Some thoughts on the abstraction and abolition of value, from a recent workshop at Goldsmiths.

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What does Marxism sound like?

The Financial Times investigates.

One option, synthesising program music and programmatism, is this:

Another, which I’d favour – a sonic assault on anything as assured and organic as “worker’s identity” – still rings out from Baku:

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Fukeiron, photography, Fortini! (This Saturday in London)

A screening programme and workshop on militant visual art and the politics of landscape.
Saturday 31 May 2014, 1-7.30PM
Richard Hoggart Building, Cinema, Goldsmiths, University of London, New Cross
1.00-1.15 Welcome and introduction by Alberto Toscano
1.15-2.45 Screening I: AKA Serial Killer (dir. Masao Adachi, 1969)
2.45-3.15 Break
3.15-4.45 Screening II: Fortini/Cani (dir. Jean-Marie Straub and Daniéle Huillet, 1976)
4.45-5.00 Break
5.00-7.30 Talks and discussion
Go Hirasawa  AKA Serial Killer and Landscape Theory [fukeiron]
Skype conversation with Masao Adachi, director of AKA Serial Killer
Jelena Stojković – Landscape, Photography and the Image [eizo] in Japan
Alberto Toscano  Fortini/Cani, Italy/Palestine and the Landscapes of Resistance
The event will double as the launch of Franco Fortini’s The Dogs of the Sinai (Seagull Books), which is accompanied by a newly-subtitled DVD of Straub-Huillet’s Fortini/Cani.

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Work No Longer in Progress

The manuscript of Cartographies of the Absolute is now with Zero Books, and hopefully to be published by the end of the year. More details to come, in the meantime a visual allegory of its production.

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