Like a crime

The Terrorizers

“The social totality can be sensed, as it were, from the outside, like a skin at which the Other somehow looks, but which we ourselves will never see. Or it can be tracked, like a crime, whose clues we accumulate, not knowing that we are ourselves parts and organs of this obscenely moving and stirring zoological monstrosity.”

[Fredric Jameson, 'Remapping Taipei', in The Geopolitical Aesthetic, p. 114 - on Edward Yang's The Terrorizers, 1986]

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Locke détourné


‘In the end all the world was America, and more so than it is now; for no such thing except money was anywhere known.’

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Picturing Piketty


From here.

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Jameson on time, singularity, derivatives, postmodern gastronomy and the ubiquity of curators

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Care of William Bunge’s Fitzgerald: Geography of a Revolution.

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Advertising (m-l)

To fund his work with Gorin in the Dziga Vertov group, Godard produced this advert for the razor firm Schick. Apparently, the mise-en-scène – a couple in their ratty underwear waking up to an argument over a radio blaring news about Palestine, only to be reconciled by aftershave – didn’t do it for a public yet inured to irony, and, at least according to the art dealer who commissioned the advert, lost the company money at each appearance on TV. (The agency Dupuy & Compton was later incorporated into Saatchi & Saatchi.)

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Worker Leaving the Factory

To mark the loss of a Kulturarbeiter like few others. Harun Farocki has died at 70.

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