The Other Guys as Post-Crash Comedy

While The Kingdom by and large confined its geopolitical context to the opening credits, The Other Guys – the new Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg cop-buddy comedy that opened at number 1 in the States last week – confines it to the closing credits, discounting a few jokes about Ponzi schemes and SEC incompetence. As AO Scott writes in the NY Times, ‘The closing credit sequence is, in effect, a tease for a movie quite different from the one that has just concluded.’ The credits, created by the design firm Picture Mill, consist of a series of animated diagrams depicting things like the exponential rise of the income gap and the size of the TARP bailout.

(Disclaimer: I went into the film expecting absolutely nothing more serious than a few jokes about cop movies so it’s entirely possible upon a second viewing – which will hopefully happen in the next few days – I’ll realize the actual film is considerably more complex.)

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One Response to The Other Guys as Post-Crash Comedy

  1. herbert says:

    scary cargo ships, peculiar site design

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