The rich man’s cognitive mapping

LG: You know it’s an invisible hand, the market is always right, it’s a life
form that has being in its own right. You know, in a sort of Gestalt sort of way
( ) it has form and meaning.
KK: It has form and meaning which is independent of you? You can’t control
it, is that the point?
LG: Right. Exactly, exactly!
KK: Most of the time it’s quite dispersed, or does it gel for you?
LG: A-h, that’s why I say it has life, it has life in and of itself, you know,
sometimes it all comes together, and sometimes it’s all just sort of, dispersed,
and arbitrary, and random, and directionless and lacking cohesiveness.
KK: But you see it as a third thing? Or do you mean the other person?
LG: As a greater being.
KK: ( )
LG: No, I don’t mean the other person; I mean the being as a whole. And
the being is the foreign exchange market – and we are a sum of our parts, or
it is a sum of its parts.
KK: I want to come back to the market, what the market is for you. Does it
have a particular shape?
LG: No, it changes ‘shape’ all the time.
KK: And what is shape referring to ( ) for you?
LG: Well, the shape is the price action. Like this (pointing at screen) tells
me – short term trading. You know, try and buy here, sell here, buy here, sell
here, buy here, sell here.

A Zurich trader, quoted in Karen Knorr-Cetina’s ‘The Market as an Object of Attachment’ (PDF here)

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