Communist lessons in cognitive mapping

“With the historical radar of Marx’s theories, on whose screen observers who have not swallowed the alcohol of the intoxicating bourgeois ideology cannot read lies, in the fog of the depths off Nantacket, in the dark of the walled tomb of the living in Marcinelle, in the bitterness of the slime of the stagnant ponds of the Arabian Desert, while the forces of the Revolution seem to be hiding and Great Capital carouses in the bright sunlight, we have again found, at his inexhaustible work, the Old Mole who undermines the curse of the infamous social forms, who prepares for the not near, but most certain, destructive explosion.” (Amadeo Bordiga, ‘Weird and Wonderful Tales of Modern Social Decadence (Lax and uncaring technology — Parasitic and pillaging management)’, 1956)

“Before us lies the road, immensely long but not eternal, of mutual political education, aimed at deciphering the links between phenomena and showing the falseness of the measuring instruments currently in use. Whoever seeks to possess the (mental and/or moral) method to understand how or why the latest book of poetry published in Milan, the rise in the price of petrol, the military expenditures of the Republic of South Africa and this present argument are linked, and by which passages and distribution centres they influence one another, he will also have better knowledge (or will put himself in a position to know) of the hidden tunnels through which the various ages of men, the world of reality and that of desire, communicate, and how each of us is made up of the dead and the yet unborn, and thus traversed by a universal co-responsibility.” (Franco Fortini, ‘Di Tutti a Tutti’ [‘Of All For All’], L’ospite ingrato, 1985)

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