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“Do you dream about the economy at night?” “I try not to.”

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Matter and Form

“Simply to comprehend the new areas of subject-matter imposes a new dramatic and theatrical form. Can we speak of money in the form of iambics? ‘The Mark, first quoted yesterday at 50 dollars, now beyond 100, soon may rise, etc.’ … Continue reading

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Who is directing France?

Further reflections on Godard, Rancière, Badiou, money, militancy and pedagogy here.

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Berlin Childhood around 2011

[Adhering to a rather rigid psychogeographical formula, the following pairs passages from Walter Benjamin’s Berlin Childhood around 1900 with photographs of their now displaced or disappeared sites, found with the help of a city map from 1900 – more an exercise … Continue reading


Bertolt Brecht, ‘Years Ago When I’

Years ago when I was studying the ways of the Chicago Wheat Exchange I suddenly grasped how they managed the whole world’s wheat there And yet I did not grasp it either and lowered the book I knew at once: … Continue reading

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Patrolling the catastrophe

“We gain our knowledge of life in a catastrophic form. It is from catastrophes that we have to infer the manner in which our social formation functions. Through reflection, we must deduce the ‘inside story’ of crises, depressions, revolutions, and … Continue reading

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A fantastic idea

“I have hit on the fantastic idea of portraying the entire world – everything we know today about the heavens and the earth, from nebulae to the geography of mosses and granites – and all this in a work that … Continue reading

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Guerrilla Logistics

The knowledge that the urban guerrilla possesses of the terrain, and the devices he uses or is capable of using, such as scouts specially prepared and recruited for this mission, are the basic elements in solving the eternal logistics problems … Continue reading

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Refunctioning the Sky

‘Mike Davis, urban theorist and author of Planet of Slums, thinks Torre de David “is testimony to the acute housing shortage in Caracas, a problem, like crime, that has vexed the Chávez government. Despite official rhetoric, the Bolivarianist regime has … Continue reading

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