The Nazca Lines of the Value Form

One day, just like archaeologists and speculators on the paranormal tussle over the origins of Peruvian geoglyphs, so will post-capitalist hominids muse about the inscrutable forces that carved these strange vacant geometries over China.



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1 Response to The Nazca Lines of the Value Form

  1. Ateeb says:

    ‘Consider the following picture: Recent growth has relied on a huge construction boom fueled by surging real estate prices, and exhibiting all the classic signs of a bubble. There was rapid growth in credit—with much of that growth taking place not through traditional banking but rather through unregulated “shadow banking” neither subject to government supervision nor backed by government guarantees. Now the bubble is bursting—and there are real reasons to fear financial and economic crisis’. ( Foster, McChesney, 2012)

    ‘ Workers reported spending ninety-seven hours a week at the factory before the recession, working eighty plus hours. In 2009, given the economic slowdown, the workers were at the factory eighty-three hours a week, and on the production line sixty-eight. Workers race to meet the requirement of producing 2,000 Microsoft mice per shift.’

    ‘Similar conditions exist at the Meitai Plastics and Electronics Factory in Dongguan City, Guangdong. There two thousand workers, mostly women, assemble keyboards and computer equipment for Microsoft, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell….. Meitai workers are locked in the factory compound four days of each week and are not allowed to take a walk.’

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