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Giacomo Balla, Fallimento (Bankruptcy) (1902)

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A Series of Maps of the World as Known at Different Periods

From Edward Quin’s An Historical Atlas; In a Series of Maps of the World as Known at Different Periods (1830) The above image is from 1498: The Discovery Of America. Via: the David Rumsey Map Collection and Cartophile.

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Contours of Decline

Care of the irrepressible hub of all things neophilic, this ‘resublimation’ of stock market charts in the ‘craggy materiality of the Argentinian mountainscape’, like the overlay of skyline and stock movements in WS Money Never Sleeps, is yet another etiolated … Continue reading

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“Our new organisation of simultaneity”

“To give witness of this tense, dramatic life of ours, filled with the unexpected, seems to me a duty; for, I repeat, everyone was a witness of this gigantic transformation, everyone was forced to be a witness. There was no … Continue reading

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Proletarian Nights at the Editing Table

[The text below is a translation of the poem that accompanies this hallucinated visual lyric, against war and capitalism, by Jeanne-Pierre Thiébaud, one of the workers participating in the Chris. Marker-animated Groupe Medvedkine: “Far from all the luxuries of cinema, a … Continue reading

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The Manifesto Revisited (Transitions to and from Capitalism)

(Remarks for a panel on The Communist Manifesto Today at Left Forum, New York City, 18 March 2012) On occasions such as these it would be tempting to pastiche a great reactionary, Friedrich Nietzsche, and propose a reflection on the … Continue reading

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The System Investigates Itself

Reproduced in C.L.R. James, Modern Politics (Detroit: Bewick, 1973), p. 110.

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