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Worker Leaving the Factory

To mark the loss of a Kulturarbeiter like few others. Harun Farocki has died at 70.

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Liberation logistics

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Visible Means of Support

Chanced upon this brief interview with Kerry James Marshall about his mural work on the political economy of slavery and its invisibility after discovering his work at a very good  exhibition at the Reina Sofia in Madrid. The two pieces below … Continue reading

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The poetry of scientific management, or, Taylor on waste

‘We can see our forests vanishing, our water-powers going to waste, our soil being carried by floods into the sea; and the end of our coal and our iron is in sight. But our larger wastes of human effort, which … Continue reading

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[Section VI of Henri Lefebvre’s De l’État, vol. 1, 1976] “The least that can be said today is that in the ‘system of states’, the presumed rationality of each member is reversed into its opposite. Some would refer to this ‘international system’ … Continue reading


The coldest of all invisible monsters

“The modern State cannot be grasped as a reality, substance, objectivity (an inert or organic object). The State is not seen. No more than the Law. They do not pertain to the sensible. You can photograph rulers. Not the State. What does … Continue reading

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Photogenic Melancholia

A striking collage from a pretty remarkable exhibition, finishing in Madrid today, of the Valencian artist Josep Renau’s The American Way of Life – an at times bracingly unsubtle series of collages castigating US imperialism, commodity culture, racism, militarism and … Continue reading

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