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For a Left with No Exit (Night and Fog in Japan)

This brief essay was published in 2013 in the third print issue of the great online film journal La Furia Umana. In Oshima’s critical writings from the period around Night and Fog in Japan (1960), two related terms stand out, … Continue reading

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The Mirror of Circulation: Allan Sekula and the Logistical Image

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Populism, or, the Impossibility of Political Economy

A recent talk on one of the more pernicious manifestations of the “poor man’s cognitive mapping” in the political field.


Visualising Spatial Injustice (an interview)

“At the junction of capital, ecological devastation and apparatuses of domination and inequality (classed, racialised, gendered and otherwise), the question ‘can slow violence be seen?’, and if so how, becomes particularly urgent.” An interview with Mediapolis: A Journal of Cities and … Continue reading

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William Bunge on his Nuclear War Atlas (1983)

More on the atlas here.

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The Country and the City

“We have to decipher all the images that surround the country and the city and to understand the real contradictions and connections between them.” These are the final lines, read by the Welsh Marxist theorist, of Mike Dibb’s excellent 1979 … Continue reading

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Cartographies of Slavery and Resistance

A fascinating talk on the political and methodological challenges of visualising slavery by Vincent Brown:   See also his cartographic narrative of slave revolts in Jamaica, and this brief chronological visualisation of the Atlantic slave trade.

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Opaque Epiphanies

[image from Beate Geissler and Oliver Sann, Volatile Smile] Some years ago, it was common to lament, in critical circles, the taboo on “naming the system”: capital’s unlimited reign was everywhere cloaked in euphemism. While challenges to that reign have been fitful … Continue reading

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Circulation Against Circulation

For the scourge of the people, the source of the scarcity, is the obstacles placed in the way of circulation, under the pretext of rendering it unlimited. Is public subsistence circulating when greedy speculators are keeping it piled up in their granaries? It … Continue reading

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Louis Althusser on Wifredo Lam

In anticipation of visiting the Wifredo Lam exhibition at the Tate Modern, London, here is  a translation of a short text by Louis Althusser on the Cuban painter, included in vol. 2 of Écrits philosophiques et politiques (Paris: IMEC, 1995). … Continue reading

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